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The antistatic FIBC materials

the conductive chopped fiber

the conductive chopped fiber
Conductive sewing thread
Silver-plated fibre
Strengthen the fixed belt

Mulriple silver-plate fiber

Good Conductive fiber is the necessary material for producing the FIBC.
The quality of the mulripe silver-plate fiber's conductivity is great and can bear rubbing. If you combine the silver-plate fiber with pp, it can meet different requirements in different perception, even there is an antibacterial function.

Conductive sewing thread

The function of it is connecting every part of FIBC. So the FIBC will become a conductive one. And it is in order to prevent the break of conductivity from the problems of connecting the materials.

Strengthen the fixed belt
The role of strengthening the fixed belt is getting rid of the static resulted from the rubbing and inducing the charge to the earth. With this belt, it seems that your goods have the double insurance.

The related knowledge of FIBC
FIBC"Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers" is simply called"container bag. It is weaved by polyolefin gum. It has many fine characteristics, such as the lightness like plastic, the high strength, the resistant to alkali and acid, moisture resistance and the impermeability. It not only can load the particles whose diameter are above 2000x, but also can be as the packing container which loads the water mineral. So it is especially applicable in the packing industry, and it is the ideal container packing vessel. With the improvement of the storage and the mechanization of the fitting and empty equipments, the transport package is developed to the trend of large ones. And the container bag has been widely used in the world as the middle bulk container.

The following descriptions are excerpted from the CENELEC Code of Practice for the Avoidance of Hazards due Static Electricity

FIBC Type A:Type A FIBCs are made from non-conductive without any measures to prevent the build up of static electricity.

FIBC Type B:Type B FIBCs are made from non-conductive fabric inccluding the commonly applied inner coating. The Breakdown voltage through the fabric including the coating shall not exceed 4kV to avoid propagating brush discharges.

FIBC Type C:Type C FIBCs shall be made from a totally conductive fabric or from a non-conductive fabric containing interconnected conductive threads or fliaments.These nterconnected threads or filaments shall either from a reliably interconnected grid enclosing a maximum non-conductive area of cm2,or be arranged at a distance less than 20mm from each other with treads or filaments interconnected at least twice.The conductive fabric and the conductive threads or filaments shall have a resistance to the earthing point of less than 108ohm/meter. In addition,all the following requirements shall be met:all different conductive parts of the FIBC are bonded to the earthing point via a resistance of less than 108ohm/meter.The loops contain conductive threads or filaments bonded to the earthing point via a resistance of less than 108ohm/meter.

FIBC TYPE D:The key factor in the design of FIBC Type D is the removal of charge through low energy corona discharges.FIBC Type D are usually made from non-conductive fabric containing conducting threads or filaments which are not interconnected.Earthing of FIBC Type D has only a minor effect on Charge dissipation and is not required.
There exist no simple requirements of phsical parameters to ensuse the safe dicharge mechanism.FIBC Type D shall only be used in flammable atmosphere afer they been qualified safe-i.e. after it has been demonstrated that no incendive discharges will occur.

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