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Container bag brief

Container bag is a kind of flexible packing container container for transportation. With excellent performance, our products are moisture-proof, dust-proof and radiation-resistant; what's more, they are secure for using for their fastness. It has strong structural intensity and can be loaded and unloaded in batch by machinery. With Pb content less than 20ppm, our container bags can be widely used for packing of chemical, cement, grain, mineral and other goods in the shape of powder, granule and lump. Our products are also ideal for storage and transportation.

We produce PP-20w border-bundling container, coating cloth, 1500D plastic-weaving cloth and PP-70w lift belt. Craft brothers and customers are welcome to inquire.

1. The bags' carrying capacity range from 0.5T to 3Ts, volume from 500L to 2300L, we can also design the SF according to the customer's requirements. (3:1, 5:1, 6:1)

2. We can produce bulk container bags and small package goods container bags, which can be used once or repeatedly.

3. Shapes: round and square.

4. Three kinds of containers considering the hanging structure: top, side and bottom lift container bags, usually the container bags have the access for filling or releasing.

America style Bag drawing
European style Bag drawing
general style Bag drawing
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